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Welcome to Sharpfade. We are a team on social media dedicated to helping barbers/cosmetologist expand in their profession. Established Feb 9, 2015 SharpFade has gained a following of 450,000 people worldwide and that number continues to rise. Our purpose is to motivate and spread positivity in this fascinating industry. We currently are focused on opening the minds of young entrepreneurs on growing their business while also offering educational classes for other aspiring barbers. Event/product advertisement is available throughout our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website. Simply Want to get inspired? Check out any one of our pages where we show the sharpest fades to the funniest fails! Always remember to Stay Sharp ??

Stay Sharp .

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Get access to world’s leading barbers

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with. Gaining crucial knowledge from the right people at the right time could save you alot of money and alot of time

Avoid making costly mistakes

Success is a formula nothing happens by chance. We have made the mistakes so you dont have to. Now we want to share with you this formula

Network = Net Worth

Its hard to find motivation every day. BDG will not just develop your business but also your mind. Train your mind to focus on what really matters & guard yourself against negative programming

Social Explosion

Social media brings us all together no matter your geographical location. Social media connects us, lets expand our social horizons together and get the most from our interactions.